My coworker/frand/work-wife/fellow-wine-appreciator kept bringing up the idea of taking a hot yoga class.  Sure, I like to get down with a strong “warrior one” pose once in a while, but I’ll admit my favorite position is “child’s pose;” and that’s probably because I’m a lazy yogi.


Of course, I was like “Sure! That sounds fun,” because it did – It’s a new experience (I really like to try new exercises), I actually like to swelter in hot temperatures, and I do like yoga despite what I said about being a lazy yogi…. But then the fear kicked in.  Will I be able to stand the heat?  Will I pass out like a crazed Justin Bieber fan?  Will my back start actin’ a fool?  And most of all, will everyone be super stars with advanced pretzel poses and legs over their head while I’m struggling to hold myself in a standard “tree pose?”

We ended up convincing our other coworker/frand and her cousin to come with us and off we went to our sweaty Sahara adventure!  We arrived a half hour early to get settled (it didn’t help that a Cold Stone Creamery was next door and I was tempted to ditch the whole thing and eat a Birthday Cake Remix instead) and the nerves started piling in.  A few other students started arriving and also said they were new, I felt a little more at ease… Until I looked in the window and saw the class before ours, dripping (and by dripping, I mean super soaker commercials didn’t do this justice) in sweat.  I tried to pretend I didn’t just see that and thought to myself, “it’s okay if I need a break, I’ll take a break.  But Kara, don’t be a wimp just do it!”

Once the class exited, the instructor sprayed and wiped the floor and waited ~10 minutes for it to fully dry.  Then came the moment… The moment we all walked in, and felt the equivalent of what I imagine a fire-breathing dragon’s breath on your face feels like.  I’ll admit, I’m a sweater.  I sweat walking to the fridge.  So just standing still in over 100 degrees heat was a work out for me.

After a few minutes of getting settled and making sure I was next to someone I knew (hey, girl instincts), the instructor took us through a few deep breathing exercises (while laying flat) to get accustomed to the temperature and in the yogi-mindset.

Next came the fun part – Actually working through the poses.  The instructor walked us through various salutations and balancing poses, while giving us 1 minute breaks in between transitions to rest and relax our bodies.  Even though the instructor walked around while vocally instructing us and not actually doing the moves himself, he was great!  He gave specific instructions on how to move, which way to turn, and set a good pace (not to mention he was… pretty cute.  Not that I could really see through the sweat running into my eyes).

All in all, what I thought was going to be a scary one-time deal, I now think I have a new obsession.  Definitely suggest hot yoga to anyone who is mildly familiar with yoga poses, and if you’re in the area check out Intentional Yoga in Kalamazoo!

Poses You Move Through During Hot Yoga