Yes world, I got dumped.  Hard to believe, as I’m the empress of excellence.  Kidding 🙂

Assuming most people would read this title and think, “Oh great, another blog post, written by a lonely girl in her bedroom, spooning Ben and Jerry’s into her mouth while crying over The Notebook.”  Well I’m here to prove all those people wrong (one reason being, I don’t have Ben and Jerry’s in my freezer or The Notebook on DVD) and write about 10 great things about breaking up!  Why am I writing this?  Basically because I usually like to look on the bright side of things and I hate feeling even a smidgen of depression.


10 Awesome Things About Breaking Up!

1. You don’t have to worry about someone else’s drink.  Oh you like beer and I don’t?  Let me stock up on an expensive imported 6 pack for your convenience.  Oh can I have a sip of your drink?  Yum… Whiskey and diet (gag).  Oh you want a glass of wine?  Too bad sucka, this big guy (yes, I’m talking the 1.5 liter bottle) is mine, all mine.

2. I can wake up at the last possible minute for work and not be late.  You know “those nights” where you stay at his/her place, set your alarm for a decent time to stumble out of their shared abode and accidentally (or awkwardly) peer into their unsuspecting roommates room?  Yea, none of those.  Also, none of those dragging them out of bed in the morning so they can hop in your shower, steam up your apartment, and use all your chocolate body wash, and then you’re still late for work!

3. I can eat beans and salsa for dinner and not give a hoot.  Yes, I eat beans and salsa for dinner sometimes… Chips are also involved (I’m not a complete heathen).  I don’t have to worry about cooking a four course meal (okay, let’s be real it’s more like a miniature salad and a main dish) or buy the crazy ingredients I’ll probably never use again (mustard powder? oyster sauce?).  No one is there to judge me if I eat a few handfuls of cereal out of the box and call it a night.  This also goes for eating things I don’t care for and/or cooking things I don’t like.

4. I can get sweaty all day, everyday.  Realizing how weird this sounds, what I mean is I can work out any time of the day, and not feel like I’ve ruined my hair or smell in the off chance I might get a late night cuddle call from a certain someone.  Mascara running down my face after a 2 mile run?  Not smelling like the flowery meadow I smelled like when I stepped out of the shower at 7 am?  Whatevs!

5. Chick Flicks/Lit.  Sex and the City marathon.  Reliving my Dawson Creek days. Rereading Something Borrowed.  Enough Said.


6. Making plans on the spot.  There are those times, y’know holidays, weekends, a random Wednesday night, when someone asks you to do something and you think “Do WE have plans?” “Maybe we’re going to the beach that day” “Oh I think we’re making dinner.”  None of that.  Spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment HELL YES I want to do that right now.

7. Focusing on something you want to do.  There’s a lot of times where we (myself included for sure) get wrapped up the goals of our partner.  They want to accomplish this, they don’t want to do that, they look down on that, etc.  Well guess what bucko, if my goal is to run 3 miles in under 30 minutes, I don’t want you making me feel bad that you ran cross country in high school.  If I want to write a novel, I want to actually have time to do it instead of rubbing your head because you had a bad day.  I need these hands to type!

8. My apartment is actually clean.  I don’t know if it’s the time I spend away from my place, which wouldn’t even make sense because I wouldn’t be here to make a mess… Or if it’s the time he/she is here, that a crazy mess just happens.  I tend to blame the troll under my bed for messes, but I don’t think the troll can reach the counter and spray water/onion peels/seasoning/beer bottles all over and not have the decency to clean it up.  Also, I actually have clean laundry when I’m home to do it.  So that’s always a bonus.

9. I have “me” time.  Doing at home masks that turn my face kermit green?  I think yes.  Deep conditioning hair treatment made with avocados i have to drive to Mexico to get?  Why not, my face is worth it!  Doing my 5th grade dance routine to *nsync Bye Bye Bye?  Yup.


10. You realize just how awesome your friends really are.  The moment you get dumped, who do you text?  What do they say?  I know my friends are one awesome bunch and I can only hope everyone has the great support system I’m lucky enough to have.  Love you guys!